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5 Ways To Reimagine Your Next Camping Trip


The prospect of immersing yourself in nature, finding a quiet place among the trees or a view with an unforgettable vista, is what motivates many to go camping. Each year, millions of people around the world take to exploring landscapes on adventures that see them spending days out in the wilderness and the activity is still continuing to be popular, especially as modern designs and technological innovations make camping even more comfortable.

There are also a great many ways in which camping is changing, with many seeking to combine the endeavour with other various outdoor activities. To show you how the art of camping is changing, as well as offer a source of inspiration for your next journey into nature, we’re sharing five ways in which camping trips can be reimagined.


Instead of seeking to equip yourself with all necessary comforts, it can be a great idea to challenge your maximalism instead. Ultralight camping is the pursuit of minimalism, whereby campers seek to set out with only the absolute essential items for their adventure.

Instead of a tent and sleeping bag, some will take only a hammock or bivvy bag, choosing to sleep under the stars. Some will also utilise foraging knowledge as a way to sustain themselves in the wild, instead of relying on store-bought food.


Camping can easily be combined with a journey. However, before you climb into your car, consider packing your paddleboard and river paddling instead. Choosing a river that extends across great distances can be a brilliant foundation for exploration. Paddleboards are incredibly stable and can easily carry camping gear downriver along with a paddler too, meaning that individuals can spend the night in various locations before packing up and paddling further the next day.


The pursuit of altitude can be addictive, and some campers will even push themselves to camp on the side of cliffs. While this is a rather extreme example, many will find a degree of pleasure in pushing themselves to climb higher and camp at greater altitudes. In addition to the sense of accomplishment, higher altitudes also tend to offer the most remarkable views.


If travelling by water isn’t your thing, try cycling instead. With a few hardy panniers, a bicycle can easily be used to carry camping equipment and escort individuals across the country. Many of those who have travelled considerable distances, even around the world, choose to bicycle tour in exactly this way, bringing a lightweight tent with them, riding only two wheels.


When talking to many campers, even those seasoned with experience, you are likely to get the impression that the winter months are purely a time for hibernation. However, there are a large number of individuals who will actively await the winter months for a wholly unique camping experience.

Winter camping certainly has its challenges and will require a great deal of insulation to be carried to ensure individuals are kept warm. The reward, however, is unrivaled, with those willing to brave the chilly landscapes gaining access to familiar landscapes presented in beautiful and unfamiliar ways, especially if there is snow!

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