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The 20 Best Travel Management Software Tools in 2021


Business travel management solutions aren’t just for big companies anymore.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) enjoy many benefits when booking and managing travel on online platforms. It is better, in fact, to avoid going through the much less efficient consumer sites to find the invoices afterwards.

Whether you are new to or familiar with these travel management tools, this article will provide you with all the necessary information regarding their main features, partner options and the market as a whole.

What is a business travel management solution?

A business travel management tool is used to book, track, and report on business travel. It also helps automate corporate travel policies and bring travel vendors and invoices together in one place.

The old way used by SMBs: employees had the company’s travel policy on a PDF document or an internal wiki, used some website to book their travel, and then were reimbursed accordingly.

The old method used in ETI / TGI: employees went through agencies or travel software that applied significant markups, commissions and additional customer service costs

The NEW way (for ALL companies): employees make their own reservations using a management platform that integrates the company’s travel policy (and blocks or requires validation for travel not compliant). The tool also includes company payment data, so no refunds are necessary!

What is a business travel management solution?

Most management tools will help you track and report on expenses to optimize your budget decisions. On the other hand, few directly integrate the information necessary for the management of taxes and accounting.

Although company travel management software should integrate with your accounting system, it is a different tool. That’s why our selection distinguishes between tools that help manage travel and those that help report on expenses.

Travel booking and management tools

TravelPerk offers the world’s largest travel inventory as well as extensive business travel management features. It helps travelers and managers easily book trips for themselves or for other employees within the framework of company policy.

TravelPerk also provides all the features necessary for budget management: travel expense tracking, expense reports and integrations, compliance tools… The tool is among the highest rated on the market by travelers and administrators alike. The TravelPerk travel management platform even has a free version!


Salestrip is a good business travel software option for sales teams and consultants using Salesforce. It allows you to track and manage trips according to CRM logic, in order to assign trips to different customer accounts.

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