International Holiday Destinations

The Best International Holiday Destinations for 2023


Are you looking to travel abroad in the NewYear? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best international holiday destinations for 2023. This list includes locations for all kinds of travellers, from culture buffs and beach lovers to foodies, adventurers and friends who are looking to make a group travel booking. Read on to find out where your next getaway should be this year!

1. Tokyo, Japan

For the adventurer in you – from wild theme parks and neon-lit streetscapes to traditional temples, gardens, and shrines, Tokyo is a city full of surprises. With its fascinating culture, world-class food scene and plenty of shopping opportunities, Tokyo is sure to give you an unforgettable adventure! Plus, make sure to swing by its famous futuristic district – Akihabara – known as “Electric Town” for some unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

For nature lovers -if you’re looking for a more tranquil destination with lots of natural beauty, then Stockholm should be at the top of your list. With its cobblestone alleyways and colourful buildings lining narrow canals that stretch out into an archipelago of islands; it’s easy to see why it’s one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. As if that weren’t enough reason to visit Stockholm, it also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails or kayaking tours around the city’s many islands – perfect for nature lovers!

3. Bali, Indonesia

For beach bums – there are few places in the world that boast a better coastline than Bali. With its warm turquoise waters lapping against golden sand beaches fringed by lush palm trees, it’s no wonder why Bali is one of the world’s most popular beach destinations. Whether you’re looking for secluded spots or lively bars and clubs on Kuta Beach, Bali has something for everyone looking for a great beach vacation!

4. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

For culture vultures – Zanzibar Island is where East meets West. With its ancient mosques and Hindu temples dotted amongst colonial architecture and bustling markets selling spices from India and Persia, this cultural melting pot offers an amazing array of sights and sounds that will leave any culture vulture mesmerised! It’s also home to some incredibly beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving, making it an ideal holiday destination this year.

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a stunning destination that often gets overlooked by travellers. Its beauty is second to none, with its sandy beaches, lush jungles, and exotic wildlife. For those wanting a more cultural experience, Sri Lanka also has some fascinating ancient cities and temples. Plus, its hospitality is unbeatable – Sri Lankans are known for their friendly and welcoming attitude towards visitors from all over the world


From hot springs and glaciers to waterfalls and geysers, Iceland is truly an otherworldly experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Not only does it boast breathtaking natural beauty, but Iceland also has vibrant cities and towns filled with unique culture and history – making it one of our top choices for international holidays in 2023.

 7.The world is full of amazing places waiting to be explored!

We hope this list helps you plan your next international vacation – whatever destination you choose we guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience! So get ready for 2023; pack your bags and let’s go explore!

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