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10 best beaches in Krabi:


Thailand leads the competition when it comes to having the most postcard-worthy beaches. One can travel to many tropical paradises in Thailand, but the best among them has to be Krabi. The province of Krabi is blessed with some of the best coastlines in the entire country. This makes Krabi tour packages extremely popular. One can find steep limestone cliffs here towering over palm-lined shores and coral reefs. There is also no dearth of vegetation here with a lush blanket of green and turquoise extending beyond the lands into the seas too

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We recommend you schedule your travels to Krabi from November to April, owing to the high season of tourism. Given all that is on offer, one can have exhilarating adventures here literally every day but a key part of your experience is made of the time you spend on beaches. To make sure you head to best ones around, here is a list of the 10 best beaches in Krabi:-

  1. Phra Nang Beach
  2. Railay Beach
  3. Tonsai Beach
  4. Koi Mai Phai
  5. Ao Nang
  6. Tub Kaek Beach
  7. Nopparat Thara Beach
  8. Klong Muang
  9. Koh Poda Beach
  10. Ao Thalane

1. Phra Nang Beach:

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The Phra Nang Beach is located near the neighbouring Railay Beach.  One needs to take a 10-minute walk through a trail cutting through tall limestone cliffs to get here. With its gorgeous soft white sands and picture-perfect waters, this beach is incredibly popular during the high seasons. This beach is famous for activities like trekking, rock climbing, and lastly swimming or snorkelling. One of the main attractions here is visiting Tham Phra Nang Nok ( also known as the princess cave ) which houses a famous fertility shrine. This attraction is only accessible after a steep hoke which involves the assistance of ropes. The views from the top are rather stunning and stretch over the crystal clear waters far into the horizon. You can also head to the nearby islands of Koh Rang Nok and Koh Rang Nai from Phra Nang Beach. With gorgeous views everywhere you look, the Phra Nang is definitely one of the best beaches in Krabi.

2. Railay Beach:

The Railay Beach has yet to disappoint anyone. Be it sunbathing or just admiring the scenery, Railay Beach has got it all. Access to the beach is possible only via a boat on account of being cut off from the mainland by imposing limestone cliffs. This beach is rock-climbing heaven with the weathered rockface posing a fun challenge to even the most experienced of climbers. Travellers will rejoice to know that this beach is also equipped with eateries and a marketplace. If you are looking to stay near the beach then we suggest you check out Rayavadee. It is worth noting that the eastern half of the beach is crowded, thanks to the thick mangrove growth here. As a result of the lush vegetation, swimming can prove to be difficult here. On the other hand, the western part of the beach is more tourist-friendly with its sugar-white sands and salty tropical air.

3. Tonsai Beach:

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Tonsai Beach is situated between two cliffs. As a result of that, tourists can access this beach wither when there’s a low tide or kayak to it from the aforementioned Railay Beach. While it isn’t the best place for swimming or snorkelling, it is excellent for sea kayaking and diving. Additionally, it is a great place if you are a seasoned climber. Owing to its location, one can easily miss this gem of a beach. This means that it isn’t as crowded as some other beaches. However, we recommend you don’t miss out on this one as the views to be seen from here are dramatic and rustic. With plenty of activities to engage in, this is one of the best beaches in Krabi.

4. Koi Mai Phai:

If you just want a simple and quiet holiday, then Koi Mai Phai ( or Bamboo Island ) is the destination for you. Located about 45 minutes from Phi Phi Don. This tiny island doesn’t see much action because of not have any impressive cliffs. Subsequently, there aren’t any hotels or restaurants on the island and henceforth it isn’t frequented by backpackers or travellers either. This makes it the perfect locale for a serene getaway. Tourists who come here are greeted by pinkish-white sands and clear turquoise waters. While you may get the sense that this island is a bit bland in terms of its offerings, this is far from true. The coral here is some of the best in all of Krabi. In addition to that, a stay here is guaranteed to be blessed with fantastic views as visitors stay right on the beach in a tent and are greeted with picturesque sunrise views every morning.

5. Ao Nang:

Ao Nang is the most popular resort town in Krabi and also one of the easier-to-access mainland beaches. It is one of the more popular beaches always alive with the chatter of divers and snorkellers, tour boats, and of course the sound of the ocean. The beach can easily be accessed via taxi, alternatively, tourists can also opt for accommodation options right on the beachfront. This beach is essentially a Kilometre long stretch of powdery soft sands. Owing to its location of being the departure point of longtail boats to nearby islands, one will find that there is always some level of activity on this beach. If you are looking to visit the beach during a quieter time, then come here during the evenings to watch the beautiful sunsets. With plenty of activity all around, one will never get bored here making this one of the best beaches in Krabi.

6. Tub Kaek Beach:

Located just an hour away from Ao Nang, Tu Kaek lies in stark contrast to the Ao Nang. It is one of the quietest beach one can visit in Krabi. One is greeted with warm azure waters, little noise and little crabs scurrying over soft golden sands. All of these factors combine to form a magical experience. The waters here are ideal for swimming and the nearby conservation areas have great trails worth exploring. While the beach itself is quiet and serene, it is definitely not isolated by any means. So, if you are done with your quota of some peaceful time then you can head to some of the local eateries or restaurants nearby to get right back into the Krabi way of life.

7. Nopparat Thara Beach:

Nopparat Beach has a bit of everything for everyone, no matter what their taste may be. One can find more activity in the eastern regions whereas the western regions are more serene and also a part of a conservation area. With boats being restricted in the western, the sea is perfect for swimming or for simply laying back for a bit of relaxation. One should keep in mind that one can access the nearby islands on foot during low tides but a boat is required to get back once the high tide sets in. The Nopparat Thara Beach is perfect for seeking to disconnect from the other places that are usually abuzz with action.

8. Klong Muang:

Klong Muang has two distinct things going for it – namely, the charm that comes associated with real Thailand and also less to no crowds that come with it. While it has been a lesser frequented beach traditionally, there has been a notable uptick in the number of visiting tourists here. Even so, it still makes for a great place to escape from busier destinations. While the rocky coastline makes swimming rather tricky, the 1.5 Kilometre stretch of palm-shaded sands makes it perfect for leisurely strolls. An ideal day at this beach involves early hours during which you can have the beach all to yourself. Post that if you are in the mood to explore some more then one can hop aboard a long-tailed boat and island-hop to check out hidden lagoons and dramatic limestone formations. It is also worth mentioning that one can find perfect coral reefs here that are perfect for snorkelling.

9. Koh Poda Beach:

Koh Poda Beach is blessed with limestone mountains and palm trees. This offers visiting tourists a chance to hide from the sun when it becomes unbearable from time to time. If you do plan to come here, then we advise you to bring your own equipment as there are no shops, restaurants, or equipment rental shops here. Another point worth keeping in mind is that since Koh Poda is a National Park, travellers will need to shell out a fee to access the shoreline here.

10. Ao Thalane:

Ao Thalane is a bit different compared to all the other beaches usually seen in Krabi. Travellers flock here not to work on their tan but to instead take a kayak tour through the mangrove forests down a channel that cuts right through the limestone peaks. Ao Thalane is also known as the – “ Kayak Paradise ”. However, don’t think that this is all there is to Ao Thalane. One can also find soft golden sands here. While a visit during the low tide isn’t ideal, the high tide makes the shoreline inviting with clear blue waters. If you are looking for a place that has a true Thai character, then Ao Thalane is the perfect place for you. Ine can enjoy a pristine sea environment with a backdrop of rolling cliffs. It is worth noting however that there are a limited number of hotels and restaurants here and on a whole, Ao Thalane remains mostly underdeveloped.

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We hope this list of the 10 best beaches in Krabi helps you plan your travels better. If you are planning to travel to Krabi then book yourself Krabi packages at Pickyourtrail. All package options are fully customisable and come bundled with best in class customer assistance. So, head online and book your next dream package.

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