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How Can I Move to Canada from India?


Named by and after the mighty monarch, Queen Victoria, Canada also known as Victorialand, is an open ground for innumerable opportunities. Job prospects, top-notch universities, myriad privileges protected under the Canadian law, Canada has an opportunity for every dream.

Many Indians every year dream of expanding their horizons and settling in Canada. With around 1 million vacancies, almost CAD 1.6 billion allotted for skilled immigrants, and more than 80 pathways, Canada is a dream location for thousands of Indians. If vibrant locales, geographical wonders, an inclusive and progressive society, universal healthcare, and academic excellence, your goal? We will help you carve your path to Canada from India.

What do you need to keep in mind before traveling to Canada from India?

With every pathway serving as a unique opportunity, the allure of Canada is hard to resist. But prior to applying for a Canada PR Visa, you have to check your eligibility, verify various documents: work experience, education degrees, identity proof, criminal records, medical certificates and in some cases your POF (Proof of Funds).

Having followed the eligibility criteria to the word, you are now one step closer to getting your Canadian PR Visa.

What are the benefits of moving to Canada from India?

A shift in the country is not an easy decision. Various parameters have to be checked in order to come to this decision. Now, when we talk about immigration to Canada or getting a Canadian Permanent Residency, let us pause and understand the question, WHY! Why would an Indian want to move to an entirely different country and start over?

Canada is brimming with opportunities and it is important to understand how these opportunities benefit us. So let us have a quick look at the multifaceted benefits Canada has to offer to an Indian national:

  1. The very basic requirement for an individual is to understand if they are moving to a progressive and inclusive environment. Canada has an exceptionally immigrant-friendly and thriving society. Your rights are protected under the Human Rights Law, once you become eligible for a Canadian PR.
  2. As per the reports provided by the UN also known as the World Happiness Report, Canada stands at the forefront.

These are the factors that contribute to the mental and psychological well-being of an individual, now let us look at the physical and growth factor contributions:

  1. You get access to Canada’s universal healthcare infrastructure. Under the Canada Health, Medicare is accessible to the entire population of Canada. Once you have acquired permanent residency, you are eligible to the facilities of this healthcare system.
  2. If your child is 18 or below the age of 18, he/she is eligible for free education. The Canadian government believes in academic excellence.
  3. If you have a permanent residency, you can enroll yourself in top-notch universities and your fee structure will be absolutely feasible compared to others.
  4. Your rights will be protected under the Canadian Law, Labour Laws, Human Rights Law and many more.
  5. You are eligible for Canadian Citizenship if you have completed 3 out of 5 years in Canada.
  6. You can live, work and study in any province or territory in Canada.
  7. You have more than 80 pathways that align with your specific requirement
  8. The Canadian Government provides immense incentives to businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  9. You can sponsor your family and relatives to come stay with you. The Canadian government believes in providing all the benefits to its immigrants and citizens.
  10. You can bag an opportunity that can help you bag 5x-8x your current salary.

Having stated the basic benefits, many other benefits unfold in the process.

What are the basic requirements for attaining a PR Visa from India?

There are few basic parameters to get a Canada PR from India:

  • Passport Size Colored Photographs.
  • Education Credential Assessment.
  • Your Medical Certificate.
  • Proof of Funds.
  • Your Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Letter of Recommendation from your employer.
  • Passport and all the important travel documents.

2. Financial Aspects: 

Application Fee: For an individual traveling to Canada, the application fee is about CAD 2300 and if you have an accompanying spouse a fee of CAD 4500 is applicable. The fee varies as per the size of your family.

You have to provide a POF (Proof of Fund) to show that you are capable of sustaining yourself and your family in Canada. This table shall display the amounts:

If you are applying under any business or entrepreneurship program.

3. A good CRS Score.

You have to try to score the maximum points in all the 6 factors that contribute to your CRS score. A minimum 67 points is a must.

Proficiency in the official languages determined by proper testing methods.

  1. The Canadian government plans on inviting about 50k immigrants to reside and contribute to the labor market. This is a golden opportunity for all the Indians who are looking to immigrate to Canada.

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