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Key Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy


Travelling around the world can be a fantastic experience, the places to be and things to see. But when travelling abroad, many people often overlook its risks. From missing your connecting flight to losing your checked-in baggage, there are several risks that are lurking in the background.

But worry not. Just because risks exist does not mean that they have to materialise, and even if they do, there is a way you can mitigate them and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

And that is by getting a travel insurance policy.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a form of financial protection offered from risks associated with travelling. These risks often arise from unexpected situations and can negatively impact your travelling experience.

Ranging from losing checked-in baggage to delay, cancellation, or interruption of a trip, getting into an accident, medical emergencies, loss of essential documents like passports, or business-critical equipment like laptops and tablets. There are many risks that travellers might be exposed to when travelling. However, travel insurance acts as a safety net to counteract the effects of these risks, allowing you to travel without worries.

What are the key benefits of travel insurance?

There are several benefits of opting for travel insurance. These benefits, however, are entirely linked to the coverage opted for while purchasing a policy. For example, I get my insurance from Niva Bupa. And they offer more than 40 different coverages neatly packaged in several curated plans.

These benefits include common risks such as medical coverage, delay or loss of baggage coverage, personal accident coverage, and more obscure risks such as hostage protection. There are also different benefits for special circumstances, such as special coverages for students or senior citizens, which can be used to protect themselves from those specific scenarios.

When discussing key benefits, these differ based on the traveller’s specific requirements, but these are the most significant and essential coverages offered by insurance providers.

1.  Medical Coverage:

There are several coverage options that are offered under medical coverage, which are highly beneficial when travelling. From in-patient care to medical evacuation, there are many ways medical coverage can come in handy when travelling.

2.  Checked-in Baggage Coverage:

Losing checked-in baggage is a common occurrence and should be an essential coverage.

3.  Trip delay, interruption, cancellation Coverage:

Months of planning and investment can go down the drain if a trip is canceled. Having this coverage protects you from bearing a significant loss.

4. Loss of Documents Coverage:

Losing a passport, visa, or any other proof of identity can be daunting, but having this coverage can offer enhanced protection if you do.

5.  Rejection of Visa Coverage:

What if your visa application is rejected for no fault of yours, resulting in your trip getting delayed? Having both the travel delay coverage and rejection of visa coverage can help you by offering reimbursement for the non-refundable deposit and the visa application cost.

Having these coverages also helps make the most out of your travel insurance and should be sought after to determine the best travel insurance plans.


By opting for plans with these coverages, you can make the most of your insurance and find the best plan for your specific needs. Doing so can protect your and your loved one’s financial security and overall well-being. Thus allowing you to enjoy your trip with an ice cream in your hand and peace of mind.

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