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Set between the Atlantic coast to the west, Angola to the north, South Africa to the south and Botswana to the east, Namibia is aptly named the African diamond. It is a raw gem with rich and subtle nuances that amazes and delights at the same time. Its mixed population with multiple origins, with sometimes disconcerting outfits and surprising dialects, always offers a warm, smiling and authentic welcome. Its landscapes are breathtaking. From the savannah to the ocher dunes of the oldest desert in the world, passing through the beds of dry rivers and the rocky plains with an apocalyptic appearance, this arid country offers unimaginable treasures of beauty. This inhospitable land where the mercury reaches dizzying heights does not seem conducive to the emergence of life… And yet, against all odds, the fauna and flora have been able to adapt perfectly to this arid environment. Oryx and wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs and leopards, springboks, impalas, rhinos, kudus and hartebeest line up at the waterholes at dawn and dusk when the warm rays of the sun tint the skies with orange, pink and gold, leaving us speechless in front of this grandiose spectacle. Yes, without a doubt, Namibia is a diamond… and Traditours allowed us to discover it in all its splendor — on land, at sea and in the air. In terms of accommodation, Traditours has once again brought us to the heart of traditions by offering us different types of top-of-the-range accommodation (always safe, comfortable and clean). In terms of meals, the all-inclusive formula gave us access to the country’s typical dishes and its simple but very tasty cuisine. As for the accompaniment, we would be remiss to forget to mention the excellent work of the trio composed of our guide, our guide and our driver. Their beautiful complicity largely contributed to making this trip a real success, the memory of which will remain etched in our memories.
– Marc and Line ( Laval )

Organized trip to Tanzania & Zanzibar

A childhood dream come true and so much more! Being able to observe these animals living their lives at home, what a privilege! They come and go peacefully in this savannah that we have only seen on TV, or basking in the shade of acacias and baobabs, but yet they remain on the lookout. I will always remember the first time our jeep stopped 2 or 3 meters from a female elephant and her young. They continued their meal without caring about us. I who thought I was seeing animals from afar… so many emotions! And that was only the beginning. Animals, we observed nearly forty species and more than a hundred species of birds, but we must not forget the tribes who opened their doors to us. Thanks to the Massai, the Hadzabe and the Datoga; generous people who are happy to teach us about their way of life. Tanzania is an extraordinary country for its landscapes, for its animals and for its warm and smiling people. It’s so much more than a dream come true. Thank you Traditours for such a memorable tour.
– Ginette and Yves ( Roberval )

Organized trip to Morocco

What an adventure. My wife and I visited Morocco with Traditours this fall. It was our first trip with Traditours and my first organized group trip. From the start, we appreciated the attention given by our Traditours guide. She was very organized and paid attention to every detail. When we arrived in Morocco, we had the pleasure of meeting our national guide. The constant teamwork between the accompanist and the guide made our stay most enjoyable. Our 18 days went according to plan, despite a couple of issues that were out of their control. And now Morocco… what an amazing country. I expected to be out of place, but not to this extent. By touring the entire country in 18 days, we saw beach resorts that rival the Caribbean, jaw-dropping mountains and evergreen forests, the grandeur of the Sahara Desert, as well as the Imperial Cities that are absolutely stunning. The more our trip progressed, the more we fell in love with Morocco. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the food must definitely be mentioned. Like I tell

everyone…we ate like gods. The restaurants chosen during our journey were simply splendid. Tagines, couscous and pastillas that I hope to be able to reproduce in my kitchen in Quebec. In addition to the landscapes and the food, it is absolutely necessary to mention the people. Moroccans are warm people. It can be a little intimidating in big cities and especially in medinas simply because of the amount of people present; but when you take the time to talk to them, they are very nice people. We spoke with several Moroccans during our trip and I left the country with a good impression of them. My favorites… not easy to choose just one or two. My first crush is certainly the city

Chefchaouen. This blue city (yes… everything is painted blue) in the middle of the Atlas Mountains offers some of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen so far. It is a city full of tourists, yet the city is calm and welcoming. We slept in a riad in Chefchaouen which added to the experience. You cannot go to Morocco without sleeping in riads! This is something that I really appreciated with Traditours… the nights spent in a riad in Chefchaouen and Essaouira. Another favorite for me was the homestay cooking class in Marrakech. I’m already someone who likes to cook and discover new things, but this experience was above my expectations. The family were so welcoming and we had a couple of hours of pure enjoyment making our own Moroccan food and then eating it. The experience of going to the neighborhood oven to bake our breads will stay etched in my memory forever. And finally I can’t talk about my favorites without mentioning the Sahara desert. It’s the kind of experience that changes your life. In addition to discovering the grandeur of the Sahara, we slept in very high-end bivouacs and we ate (again) like gods. A day/evening that I will never forget. It’s impossible to mention everything we loved about our trip to Morocco in a simple review, because the 18 days were wonderful. In summary, we only have good memories of our trip, of our Traditours guide and our national guide, as well as of all the experiences that Traditours gave us in Morocco. We will definitely be traveling with Traditours again in the near future. we only have good memories of our trip, of our Traditours guide and our national guide, as well as of all the experiences that Traditours gave us in Morocco. We will definitely be traveling with Traditours again in the near future. we only have good memories of our trip, of our Traditours guide and our national guide, as well as of all the experiences that Traditours gave us in Morocco. We will definitely be traveling with Traditours again in the near future.

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