Souks to Explore in Dubai

4 Amazing Souks to Explore in Dubai


Indeed, Dubai is the fabulous destination if you talk about purchasing precious spices, metals, fragrances dry-fruits and dozens of other items and for that the traditional markets are quite common known as the souks and in this highly advanced era, souks still sustain their importance to the Arab culture, so during your journey, you should visit them and get some affordable shopping.

Interestingly, for every specific item, you find a specific souk with a wide array of shops and it helps in coming across various varieties that also turn out to be very pocket-friendly. Moreover, Dubai has dozens of souk options, so begin with owning a reasonable amount of money and end-up with grabbing maximum stuff while enjoying the beauty of Arab culture. This piece helps you to point out the leading souks of Dubai.

So explore them carefully and set yourself to dive into the old-time.

1- Gold Souk

If you are fond of grabbing gold then honestly, this place is the paradise for you, so in the journey of hunting souks, you should begin with this phenomenal option. The amazing designs and awesome displaying of jewelries attract everyone visiting this place and right from 18k to 24k, you find every option of gold, so feel free to make purchases there and yes, the rates vary with the latest market prices. No doubt, the best platform for ensuring the right trip is the, so get there while using discount code.

2- Perfume Souk

Being a scent lover, you cannot help visiting this impressive souk where the varieties are their peak and yes, you also get inspired of affordability, so never miss it out for grabbing awesome perfumes for your friends and family members back home. It is situated near the gold souk. Among latest varieties, you also find the ancient Arabic fragrances still popular among Arabs, so visit it and get into the deep sea of perfumes. Moreover, you also find fragrance filled sticks and powders used for different purposes such as scenting room, so don’t dare to miss it out.

3- Spice Souk

By its name, you understand what is famous for, so get ready to hunt another awesome souk of UAE where you get a wide range of spices at the affordable rates. While visiting it, you find the top-class homegrown spices and you get greeted with the awesome palate of amazing spices taken from the organic growers as well as the enthusiasts. While talking with vendors, you find the different origins of spices along with their usages. Moreover, you can also shop for dry-fruits, oils and saffron, so get there and make some essential purchases and don’t forget to get discounts if you grab in a bulk.

4- Garment Souk

It is the most visited place by both foreign tourists and natives for purchasing a wide range of clothes spanning from traditional ones to international stuff at the reasonable prices. Additionally, it has stuff for all such as men, women and kids, so do visit it and get yourself familiar to the amazing Arab fashion including the high-quality silk, and cotton stuff.

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